Professional Services

Wealth Management Services

Private and Public Pension Fund Administration, Management, Structuring

Investment Management

  • Bahamian Dollar Asset Management
  • International Asset Management
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management
  • Advisory Portfolio Management

Financial Planning

Providence Advisors will assess your corporate financial situation, determining its objectives and formulating strategies to achieve them. The planning process is a continuous activity where the plan is reviewed regularly and performance measured against specifically devised targets.

Corporate Finance

Providence Advisors manages policy and strategy for (and the implementation of) capital structure, budgeting, acquisition and investment, financial modeling and planning, funding, dividends and taxation.

Invest Management Services

  • Assist with the establishment of Investment Policy Statement, setting asset allocation polices and objectives
  • Financial analysis of investment opportunities
  • Daily portfolio management of plan assets
  • Advice on capital market developments and opportunities
  • Maintenance of books and accounting records or portfolio

Investment Management Team

The Investment Management Team has extensive experience in pension administration and investment management services. Investment managers are responsible for the daily management of the plan assets in accordance with the investment guidelines. Meeting monthly, the Investment Committee reviews and amends investment strategies as it relates to market.

Asset Custody

Providence will not engage in proprietary trading or market making activities, thereby avoiding any perceived risk associated with engaging in those activities.

All securities held by Providence are registered in manner that would protect them from claims of third parties and keeps Providence in conformity with the prescribed rules of the Sec. Commission of the Bahamas. The securities are held for the exclusive benefit of the customers and can only be traded within pre-determined guidelines.

All client assets in electronic form are held with Providence in the client’s name and further registered with the respective Registrar and Transfer Agents.

All physical securities are held in Providence’s vault facilities, which are secured by a dual combination access.

There are no costs associated with asset custody.

Indemnity Insurance

Providence Advisors holds a substantive insurance coverage of $5 million which covers all actions of employees and directors. This coverage far exceeds the levels offered by the competition in the local pension market.